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02 october - 31 october 2023
PARIS / Y's Yohji Yamamoto LOUVRE

NEW YORK / Yohji Yamamoto New York Wooster

Letting the clothes invade the city.
Photographs taken in Paris by Max Vadukul establish Y's strength and vivid activism on the visual image. A fusion of sophistication and casual, natural nuances. A powerful image of everyday life (street) made extraordinary.

Y's Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection photographed by Vadukul at Le Pont de Bir-Hakeim, Paris. The photographs will appear in Tokyo and New York on September 30, and in Paris on October 2.

Max Vadukul: A Photographer Integral to Y's Visual Identity
Max Vadukul, the visionary photographer behind Y's iconic images, played a pivotal role in shaping the brand's identity. He lent his creative lens to the brand for six remarkable seasons, spanning from the Spring/Summer 1999 collection to the Fall/Winter 2001-2002 collection. Now, after two decades since their last collaboration in the 2001-2002 Fall/Winter season, Y's has serendipitously reconnected with Vadukul.
The roots of Vadukul's partnership with Yohji Yamamoto date back to the early 1980s. Under the guidance of art director Mark Ascoli, Vadukul captured the essence of the Yohji Yamamoto Subsequently, Vadukul was invited to join Y's for the Spring/Summer 1999 collection, embarking on a prolific journey that spanned six seasons, culminating in the Fall/Winter 2001-2002 collection.
Hailing from Africa with Indian heritage, Vadukul holds the distinction of being the second contract photographer ever hired by The New Yorker magazine, following in the footsteps of the legendary Richard Avedon. His illustrious career as a fashion photographer, which includes gracing the covers of His illustrious career as a fashion photographer, which includes gracing the covers of prestigious publications such as French and Italian Vogue, played a pivotal role in defining the unique visual identity of Y's.
Max Vadukul's signature style is exemplified by his evocative black-and-white photography, which beautifully captures Y's clothing seamlessly integrated into everyday life, emanating strength and leaving a lasting impression.

These images by Vadukul encapsulate the 'universality' and timeless essence of Y's, a brand that has been crafting everyday garments for five Vadukul's lens skillfully captures the expressions of Y's on the bustling city streets, preserving the brand's unwavering essence in every frame. Vadukul's lens skillfully captures the expressions of on the bustling city streets, preserving the brand's unwavering essence in every frame.

Our photo exhibition, "Y's MAX VADUKUL, PARIS 2023," will take place across three iconic locations: Y's Omotesando in Tokyo, Y's Yohji Yamamoto LOUVRE in Paris, and Yohji Yamamoto New York Wooster in New York. Each of these exhibitions will be uniquely site-specific, offering a distinct visual experience to visitors.

Y's Omotesando, Tokyo
At Y's Omotesando in Tokyo, Vadukul's striking black-and-white photographs of Y's will grace multiple spaces within the store. These captivating images will be exhibited on the first floor, along the stairwell leading to the basement, and on the first basement floor. Tokyo's installation will revolve around the theme "Y's MAX VADUKUL, PARIS 2023," serving as a photographic narrative. Y's Omotesando, situated in the heart of the Omotesando district, will essentially transform its architecture into a living canvas, framing the city through its windows as if it were a singular, magnificent artwork.

Y's Yohji Yamamoto LOUVRE, Paris
In Paris, a new video masterpiece will take center stage as part of the "Y's MAX VADUKUL, PARIS 2023" installation. While the video will also be showcased in Tokyo and New York, Paris will give precedence to this immersive visual experience. A unique and imaginative installation, inspired by the video, will be meticulously crafted within a space adorned with Vadukul's photographic imagery.

Yohji Yamamoto New York Wooster, New York
The newest addition to the Yohji Yamamoto family, Yohji Yamamoto New York Wooster, unveiled its doors on September 1, 2023, on Wooster Street in the Soho district of New York. vibrant city of New York, Vadukul's photographic creations will come to life through the medium of LED panels, a defining feature of this space. Notably, the expansive 25-meter-long window at Yohji Yamamoto New York Wooster will also serve as an artistic canvas, offering its own unique interpretation to the city .

Through these distinctive approaches, Vadukul's photographic works of Y's will be unveiled, each exhibition expressing its own unique style and narrative.

The Collection-Y's MAX VADUKUL collection
He also presented the Y's MAX VADUKUL capsule collection along with an installation of his photographic work.

Photography and clothing. A monochrome capsule collection that exists alongside the artwork. The collection consists of T-shirts, hoodies, and bags, and is expressed through the ruminations of creation, in which Vadukul interprets Y's clothes and takes photographs, which Y's reinterprets and makes clothes again, drifting into the black and white world of Vadukul and Y's. The result is a world in black and white of Vadukul and Y's.

The photographs, brimming with power, were also designed into a special book by creative director Claudio Dell'olio. The book is bound in Vadukuru's graphic signature bright red, and the black-and-white photographs are printed in a glossy, crisp manner, with a structure that never strays, and an activity that seems to capture a moment in time. Clothes, people, and city, the unwavering active elements that shape Y's, are bound together with unwavering energy, and their creations will be available at each store during the exhibition.

The book will be distributed at each store under different conditions during the exhibition. Limited number / Presented in Japan to customers who purchase Y's 2023-2024 Autumn/Winter Collection (Due to the limited number of copies, this will end as soon as the books are gone).

The "Y's MAX VADUKUL, PARIS 2023" photo installation will be on view at Y's Omotesando in Tokyo from September 30 to October 31, 2023, at Y's LOUVRE in Paris from October 2 to October 31, 2023, and at Yohji Yamamoto New York Wooster in New York from September 30 to October 15, 2023.


Y's Omotesando, Tokyo
Saturday, September 30 - Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Y's LOUVRE, Paris
Monday, October 2, 2023 - Tuesday, October 31, 2023

New York, Yohji Yamamoto New York Wooster
September 30, 2023 (Earth) - October 15, 2023 (Sun)

Y's Yohji Yamamoto PARIS LOUVRE
25 Rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris
tel +33 1 42 21 42 93
Monday through Saturday 10:30-19:00, closed Sunday

52 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10013
tel +1 917-409-2470
Monday through Saturday 11:00-19:00, Sunday 12:00-18:00

Free Admission


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