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Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

  • Company
    Yohji Yamamoto Inc.
  • Representative Director
    Kazutomo Ohashi
  • Street Address
    2-2-43 T33 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
  • E-mail Address
  • Sales price
    Sales price is set for each item.
    Sales price includes consumption tax.
    It does not include service fees and shipping fees.
  • Cost charged to customers
    beside the sales price of items
    Cash on delivery commission etc.
  • Payment method
    Credit card (Visa, MasterCard is available)
    Cash on delivery
  • Payment due date
    and paying method
    The payment dates could vary depending on the terms and conditions defined by the contract of the credit card you use.
    Please contact your credit card company to get further information.
    Cash on delivery: Please make the payment when you receive the items.
  • Returning purchased goods
    We accept returns / exchanges of damaged or deteriorated goods within a week since the date of delivery.
    We cannot accept returns / exchanges of goods if the reason is solely due to customers own circumstances, not the purchased good itself.
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