Y's Resort 2023

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Y's Resort 2023

Y's Resort 2023 Collection

A collection emphasizing the strength of undefiled textiles.

The color palette consists of unsullied, earthy tones that are soothing to the eyes.

Tailored jackets feature panels of wrinkled linen sewn on with zigzag stitching, adding a resport-like nuance to the gabardine wool.

An unusual image of the Y's logo burned onto thermal paper is printed onto a dress and a shirt with a deformed collar. The uneven, faded print appears almost as if a prototype.

The natural texture of cotton twill is boldly showcased through crudely cut, raw seams. A deconstructed coat with red and purple threads spilling out expressively from its front panels is imbued with an exuberant sense of movement.

Beige and ecru pieces can be layered to create a gradation of nude color tones. Blue and navy pieces add a relaxed, subdued nuance to the collection.

This collection encapuslates a relaxed, nonchalant way of life in a series of understated pieces.

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