LIMI feu autumn/winter 2022-23 OUTER collection

From the LIMI feu 22-23 Fall / Winter collection, the outer series will be on sale from October 7th (Friday) at LIMI feu stores nationwide andofficial online stores.

LIMI feu Autumn/Winter 2022-23

Is red changing to black, or is black changing to red? The appearance of two colors blending together on a single coat is expressed by arranging red cotton on top of black mossa fabric while tearing it off by hand, and then performing a needle-punch The characteristics of Mossa, which is smooth like felt and the texture is difficult to see, make it possible to express this fantastic world view more accurately. While arranging a bold asymmetrical collar and slits at the cuffs, the straight-cut double- Breasted long coat is classy and classy.

Knitted fabric that is knitted in two pieces without gaps can be used as an outerwear. The iconic lace-up design is placed everywhere, and the width of the joints can be arranged according to the styling balance with the innerwear. Six months of birth, which is characterized by a very delicate and soft hair quality, and has high moisture retention and heat retention as well as design.

Gun flaps with gentle lines that follow the body and characteristic sleeves with rounded volumes add femininity and sophistication to men's-like military items. Wool fabric with excellent heat retention, which has been increased in fabric density by fulled, is characterized by its lightness that does not burden the body while having a firm feel.

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