Coats and blousons that carry winter. A padded coat, MA-1 with a voluminous silhouette, and a flight jacket reconfigured with couture elements. Work and military styles are created with functional materials, camouflage jacquard weaves, curly wool boas, and flowing pleats lead. the style and clothing to the look of autumn/winter 2022-23.

Functional clothing motifs derived from Y's base workwear and pattern-making skills.

The latest work of the 2022-23 Fall/Winter collection will be available in Japan from Friday, September 2nd at stores in Japan andOfficial online boutiqueYou can purchase it at.

Nylon padded coat with thinsulate batting. The hood and sleeves cut out from the body gently wrap the body, and the reversible coat is a wear that combines functionality with a voluminous silhouette that is unique to Wise. One-shoulder peeking through the coat. skirt, which uses plenty of fabric and is finely gathered, is accented with a pattern that flows along the asymmetrical hemline made with one shoulder, adding nuances to the expression of the active coat.

Extremely oversized MA-1 with drop shoulders and gusseted sleeves that emphasize volume. The hemline that goes down in the front has a masculine finish with the original balance of MA-1. This season's signature piece features a camouflage jacquard weave that looks like an action painting. It can also be worn with the quilted back facing out. It looks like a jacket style with a white shirt, and the chic all-over pattern gives it a unique and strong appearance.

A striking asymmetrical dress that combines cut and sewn pleats. The pleated part of the dress is longer, and we suggest layering it with pants. Wearing a collarless jacket inspired by a liner, the pleats fluttering in the wind are beautiful like winter. features a cocoon silhouette created by the detail of the drop shoulder, and the front of the wool boa, which features curly hair like a poodle, and the outer material of the double-sided organization of polyester on the back, can be worn reversibly. The outdoor taste is reinterpreted with a Wise oversized silhouette and an elegant expression that fits in everyday life.

A voluminous silhouette that reinterprets the authentic material MA-1 with an extreme oversize. The hemline that goes down in the front has a masculine finish with the original balance of MA-1. A highly functional big-sized jacket with thinsulate padding, a collarless shirt, and high-waisted wide pants with a pattern that makes the drape fall straight and supple toward the hem are combined to create a contemporary military look.

A striking jacket that is both feminine and masculine. Twelve pockets with military motifs add a three-dimensional rhythm to the collarless jacket. Thinsulate is used for the batting, and the body can be adjusted compactly with the belt on the back. a voluminous silhouette and the hem sways when you walk, and the form of the upper body is adjusted to create a sophisticated style that can be worn neatly.

A hooded poncho with a classical impression. The button on the hood is attached all the way up and retains warmth like a scarf. The side has a button opening, so you can change the way you fasten it to match your innerwear, so you can enjoy wearing it in a variety of styles.

Wise jacket style made with wool flannel and cotton broadcloth white shirt. Asymmetrical jackets and skirts create a unique combination of authenticity.

A blouson inspired by a flight jacket. A chinstrap is integrated into the large cold-resistant collar, and the hood can be removed with a zipper attached to the back neckline. A unique, minimalist, contemporary style that combines a compact top with just the right amount of volume, a long knit with a deformed hem, and wide pants that drape straight and smoothly.

Y's Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Collection
Release date: Friday, September 2, 2022
Japanese domestic store andOfficial online boutique




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