In Y's, men's and women's are developed, and as a whole, a collection of silhouettes that proposes genderless "Y's...". The line, which is like a capsule collection created every season, offers a carefully selected number of designs.

The Y's name of the clothes is composed of navy and gray, and the "..." symbol attached to the name tag to symbolize the recipient's margin adds breadth to neutral and is the silhouette of this line. It is a landmark.

The Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection creates silhouettes that are conscious of and characterize somewhere in the shape while maintaining a unique modern and flat mood. A unique way of clothes is born by drawing a shape with a sense of incongruity and an impressive intonation in a flat mood.

The latest series, which was previously introduced in the store, will be available from Monday, August 8th.Official online boutiqueHowever, it is being expanded.

A silhouette composed of uneven fabric that emphasizes the waffle weave. The modest A-line form that flows from the shoulders to the hem leads to a modern mood with sports taste and vintage elements.

A silhouette composed of uneven fabric that emphasizes the waffle weave. The long length proposal is a more sporty and minimal expression. A dress style that you can easily put on with just one piece. For men, we suggest layering pants and wearing them like a smock.

A top that mainly uses uneven fabric that emphasizes the waffle weave. Big silhouette. The sleeves and hem of the fabric have a refined sense of drape, transforming the form of the active elements into a style.

A characteristic blouson with voluminous sleeves. Active texture with water-repellent function and elegant silhouette. Easy items that can be worn in any season create a unique style just by putting them on.

A long coat with voluminous sleeves. An active texture with water repellent function and a silhouette with a sense of volume. A raincoat that can be worn in any season.

Y's Fall/Winter 2022-23 Collection: Y's.
Release date: Deployed sequentially from Friday, August 6, 2022
Japanese domestic store andOfficial online boutique




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