Y's PORTRAIT-Nijiro Murakami, UA

Y's PORTRAIT-Nijiro Murakami, UA

Everyday clothes. I walk the roads that are commonplace in the city every day. Inevitable urban gaps without structure. It doesn't get used to it, it's just natural. That is the street that Y's expresses, and it is "human daily life" . "."

Actor Nijiro Murakami and singer UA will wear "Y's 1972 – SUKAJAN" by Y's and Tailor Toyo.

At a certain moment, the silhouette of the street (everyday), the person, and Y's overlapped in a location like a gap in the city.

A record of cities, clothes, and people expressed by Y's.

The layer of creativity resonates with people.

Photo: Yasutomo Ebisu

Y's 1972 – SUKAJAN

"Y's 1972 – SUKAJAN" is a Sukajan collection by Y's and Tailor Toyo. Currently, all the processes of Sukajan, which is mixed with overseas production, are sticking to "Made in Japan", and the vintage Sukajan of that time is completely reproduced On top of that, we are creating high-quality silhouettes in search of further commitment. The genuine specifications at that time, which are more delicate than the modern ones, are the real pleasure of "Y's 1972 – SUKAJAN".

Tiger expressed in black ── Based on the design of one of the rarest vintages in the Tailor Toyo's collection, we are particular about the expression of one color in black, and the striped pattern of the tiger and the dynamic body are embroidered only with the It is an embroidery technique that only Japanese craftsmen can do, and it is an expression that condenses Japanese creativity, which was realized by Y's design commitment and Japanese technique.

── Color: Jet Black / Vintage Black, Reversible [Front: Tiger, Back: Dragon, Embroidery to commemorate Y's 1972] Stores in Japan andOfficial online boutiquePre-orders will start in mid-August 2022 and will be released in September.




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