Y's BANG ON! Is a practical expression of the elements behind Y's and Yohji Yamamoto 's clothing making.

The latest numbered item that has been reinterpreted based on vintage and used clothing. Various elements brought out from vintage used wear, such as workwear, military, and remake-like designs, have been arranged to create a collection.

Quilted, boa, black and leopard faux fur material inspired by military wear liners. Expression of details such as flap pockets, large zippers, drawcords, and two-step ribs. A double-faced coat or blouson made to be worn on both the front and back. Beret and flight hat accents.

An item that is skillfully made with a pattern (mold) composition, which is a combination of leather or knit fabric and leather, such as patchwork, stitchwork, and reinforced used workwear. Vintage details such as sumi-dyed linen. An expression of quilting with the stitches and stitches removed, as if it had been remade.

The bottoms feature a skirt, and we propose a straight-line wrap skirt that both men and women can wear.

Y's Omotesando and other selected stores in Japan,Official online boutiqueBut you can buy it from Friday, July 15th.

Portraits to decorate the latest collection── Mio, a model wearing the latest collection of Y's BANG ON!. Fresh sensibility and pure spirit bring us the latest collections stronger and more impressive.

No.141A pullover type blouse with a drape in the front center. Only the front has a long hem with asymmetry up to the feet. When passed through the collar, a voluminous bowtie blouse-like expression is created, creating a change in style. The texture of 100% cotton creates an appropriate degree of roughness, and the classical and profound feeling created by dressing is drawn in a casual silhouette that you are accustomed to wearing.

No.182The signature of the latest collection, the reversible hood vest of faux fur. Reversible specifications with durable cotton gabardine fabric. Side seam pockets on the fur side, gun patch-like cloth on the cotton gabardine side, box pockets on the chest, and three -dimensional pockets with flaps on the left and right hips. Reconstruction of function and design. A style that combines No. 149 wrap pants with a graceful and complex expression to give a work taste.

No.190A straight line wrap skirt worn by both men and women. The inspiration for thin quilting is also one of the expressions that characterizes the latest collection.

No.173A military blouson with no color and a sophisticated element like modern clothes from the 1950s. The cuffs use two-step ribs that come from the details of vintage clothing, and the silhouette can be changed by squeezing the string that runs through the hem of the By arranging a wool pile like a vintage bore at the joint part of the patch cloth arranged asymmetrically, "joint joint" is expressed. Reversible design, simple quilting blouson when turned inside out.

No.183The signature of the latest collection, the reversible liner coat of faux fur. Colorless and sophisticated elements. The cuffs are made with two-step ribs that come from vintage details, and the quilted side of the gourd pattern is made to have a part of the thread unraveled.

No.175A straight line wrap skirt worn by both men and women. By arranging a wool pile like a vintage bore on the joint part of the irregularly constructed cloth, "joint joint" is expressed. A primitive element that is worn by wrapping a piece of cloth with a string.

No.186 When you open the zips on both sides, the gusset expands, and the half coat that impressively expresses the voluminous feeling when you squeeze the waist. An elegant look in men's clothing. The faux fur collar can be attached and detached according to the style. An attractive coat that creates uniqueness due to the texture with slight individual differences due to product processing.

No.181The signature of the latest collection, a reversible item of faux fur. An impressive piece with fur on the mod coat.

No.165Based on the No.72 slim silhouette back zipper jacket, this jacket consists of fabric switching, tabs, out pockets with flaps, and elbow patches.

No.187Ink dyed long coat. When you open the zips on both sides, the gusset expands and the silhouette changes. The cloths are arranged irregularly, and each one looks like it has peeled off by opening and closing the opening button. The 100% linen fabric is dyed unevenly, giving it a unique and distinctive natural wrinkle feel. The gusset when the zip is opened, and details that create ease of movement and design.

Release date: Sequentially from Friday, July 15, 2022
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