Function and clothes ── Draw the boundary line that makes "function" "clothes"

Function and clothes. Functional clothing motifs derived from the workwear at the base of Y's and pattern-making techniques. Draw a formal clothing and its boundaries that make "function" "clothing". The unchanging spirit and power towards clothes.

Uniforms and workwear. "Formal clothes" are replaced with Y's clothes by replacing details, adjusting the form, and expressing the collapse. The silhouette on the "Line" where clothes made with form and function become Y's clothes. An expression that reconstructs clothes with British ── Tartan check, tweed material and riders that characterize this season. Tweed fabric is a classic functional material with high functionality among natural fabrics. This season's detail, pleats. , is the style used to make Western dresses functional, while dating back to a noble history, which itself hybridizes grace and function.

Interpret and reconstruct "function" and "form" through Y's.

The 2022-23 Fall / Winter collection will be available in Japan from Wednesday, July 13th at stores in Japan and official online boutiques.

A hooded coat with a field parka motif and a clean and soft impression with less elements. Wise's signature broad white shirt. High-waisted wide pants with plenty of volume. The pants form that connects from the coat and the drape falls straight toward the hem. The rustic look of the fluffy wool used on the coat and the texture of the fluctuating cotton linen realized by the process through the manual work of the pants are also the softness of everyday life in the clothes. originally made with the function., Adding a generous humanity. The beginning of autumn and winter, a clean, soft and heavy style.

A modern coat of Bal collar coat. This season's signature, composition with low gauge knit. Open the zipper on the sleeves and pull your arms out of the slits to create a voluminous form that looks like a cape. The strong lined collar, which looks Wool with a rough look adds a generous texture to your clothes. Like a man's item, tightens the overall impression and leads to a strong and modern silhouette.

A coat that looks like the neck has been torn. A workwear-like style that combines a coat that symbolizes this season with a minimalist dress in a straight form. A coat with a rough texture and a cotton linen dress fabric with a fluctuating look. The texture of work clothes that you are accustomed to wearing is elegantly expressed, and the pattern making technique leads to a neat silhouette.

A set-up style with a break in the tailored style. A jacket with a notched design that is asymmetrically expressed with only one side broken. A blouse that looks like a pin-tuck by tapping a bleeded tape-like cloth. Sartoria pants with The expression of fluctuation added to each detail seems to reflect the sign of autumn in the style.

A shirt with a moderate amount of space, with a slightly larger body width and armholes that make you feel like you are wearing men's, and the shoulders naturally become drop shoulders. With out pockets reminiscent of uniforms, it gives a tight impression. A skirt made of wool with a striped fabric that looks like men's clothing with a familiar look. A new balance between sporty taste and classic, with a sporty texture that looks like underpants and a low-rise silhouette combined with a classic mermaid skirt.

A dress shirt featuring a slim fit silhouette squeezed with darts, and pants with an extreme low-rise silhouette that is a modern update of authentic chinos. The shirt, which is made up of two types of cotton, uses cotton jersey on the body and The elegant and not too beautiful texture of the matte glossy furano fabric gives the pants a tailored atmosphere and a nuanced nuance at the same time. The fine details. create a complex impression and create a deep style.

Stand collar blouse and accordion pleated skirt. Shadows that fall in detail on simple clothing add depth to the silhouette.

A relaxed style with a tank suit-type dress inspired by vintage underwear and a hooded dress with French sleeves. The tank suit with a deep inseam sarouel pants silhouette can be turned into a tank dress by opening the zipper and removing the snaps on the crotch A pattern that looks like a collage by breaking a dictionary. Wearing a thick knit and layering light clothing on the outerwear, the easy layered finishes the daytime outfit with a sense of liberation.

A uniquely shaped large collar with a chin strap that is highly resistant to the cold, a removable hood, and a different material of the same color for a deep look. The body is a wool middle gauge knit A hemline with a gentle slope is woven into a ribbed edging that fits well on the skin and is a mix of functionality. and wise balance. The texture of the knit on the hard jacket brings the gentleness of everyday wear.

Double-tailored pants that look like underpants layered from extreme low-rise pants. Playful details create an all-black jacket-pants style in a deep silhouette.

A pullover with cut-like details expressed by knitting. Knitwear with the strength to create a style with one piece.

A tank suit type dress inspired by vintage underwear, and a rider's jacket expressed in extreme oversize. With drop shoulders with gussets on the sleeves, the riders are finished in a volume silhouette that emphasizes men's-like and powerful lines, and is a size that even men can wear. A dress with a classical and easy mood leads a strong jacket to a familiar style.

The volume silhouette rider's jacket made of wool with a classic check and a blanket-like texture has a warm look that makes you feel like you are wrapped up. The collar is furano wool, the body is dungaree cotton with a vintage feel, and the blouse is pin-tucked by tapping a tape-shaped cloth that has been cut off. Brown and check winter layered.

Impressive pocket details attached to the blouse, peeking through the slits in the turtle vest. The skirt, which is designed to be distorted or distorted in the image of denim pants, has a neutral impression, and you can enjoy the layered style of layering bottoms by opening the zipper from below to create a slit.

A haori dress with a light and warm blanket-like finish made by gently squeezing a large check twill that is roughly woven. The misalignment of the pattern of the mating part due to the asymmetric front design leads to graphical and visual fun. , which can be worn like a coat, is a style that is packed with the real thrill of winter clothes and a unique look.

A modern coat made from a light and warm blanket-like finish by gently squeezing a large, loosely woven check twill. In composition with a low gauge knit, open the zipper on the sleeve and put your arm out of the slit to create a voluminous The strong lined collar, which looks like a man's item, tightens the overall impression and leads to a strong and modern silhouette. One of the signature pieces of the season drawn in classic check.

Y's 2022-2023 Fall / Winter Collection
Release date: Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Japanese domestic store andOfficial online boutique




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