Y ’s 1972-Traditions

Y ’s 1972-Traditions

Y's announces "Y's 1972 – Traditions" with college apparel as a motif. Released on Friday, April 15th.

School sweatshirts, college sweatshirts and T-shirts. A collection in which "Y's" and "1972", the year of its founding, were designed as emblems and arranged and expressed like college apparel in patches and prints.

In 2022, Y's will look back on 50 years of history through creation and try further creation. "Y's 1972 – Traditions" is the sequel to the "Y's 1972" collection.

Black and red as [school colors]. [School mascot] cat and bear characters. The eye-catching emblem design is impressive and creates a lively silhouette.

A collection of milk glass mugs with Y's emblems arranged like college prints is also available.

From Friday, April 15th, you can purchase at Y's stores and online boutiques in Japan.

Y ’s 1972-Traditions
Release Date: Friday, April 15, 2022
Japanese domestic store andOfficial online boutique



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