Yohji Yamamoto x PORTER vol.3 "TSUPPARI"

Yohji Yamamoto x PORTER vol.3 "TSUPPARI"

Starting Wednesday, March 30th, the "TSUPPARI" Collection, which is also the third Yohji Yamamoto x PORTER collaboration series, will be available at selected Yohji Yamamoto stores (*) and on the official EC site, "THE SHOP Yohji Yamamoto” from 10:00am.

Inspired by the culture of "TSUPPARI", which symbolizes the 1960s and 1980s. This collection is very free without being bound to social norms. It is a design that embodies "Yohji Yamamoto”, with a unique spirit.

"Stair leather" is used for the material. The ruggedness, unique to “TSUPPARI", is expressed by leaving traces of natural scratches and vessels of the leather on the surface. The handle is an original piece, designed by a store that specializes in rope, which has a history of over 200 years in Kanazawa. The vinyl part uses vinyl chloride (PVC), and the wire part uses iron (galvanized). The customized "TSUPPARI BAG" was brought to life by deliberately incorporating items used for work, such as construction sites, into the leather bag, which is based on the "student bag".

The interior fabric is made of cotton twill for an elegant finish. It is sized in a way that you can hang it off of your shoulder even from over a coat. This collection is a unique collection that is very "Yohji Yamamoto-like” with attention given to the materials and details.

SIZE: W395/H290/D45

Expansion time:
To be released in limited quantities starting Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Expanded stores (*):
Yohji Yamamoto Aoyama Main Store
Yohji Yamamoto Hankyu Men's Tokyo
Yohji Yamamoto Nagoya PARCO midi store
Yohji Yamamoto Daimaru Kobe store
Official EC site "THE SHOP Yohji Yamamoto(from 10:00am)


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