Yohji Yamamoto AW20 COLLECTION

Yohji Yamamoto AW20 COLLECTION

The Yohji Yamamoto 2020-21 Autumn-Winter Collection will be launched in Japan starting from July 29th.

A battle to the 19th century

The birth of an imperfect, graceful elegance, inspired by the function and shape of 19th-century corsets, crinolines, and bustiers, which were originally created to fulfill perfect style.
The corset is laced-up in a freely guided manner, layered over a ruffled bustier, and loosely sewn over a tunic that seems as if it will morph at any moment.
A geometric, three-dimensional dress, which is looks almost like a maze of human introspection, reveals a complex and delicate structure, seemingly like the blueprints of a large building.

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