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Submit to coincidental encounters while defying convention, honor memories and the people and things we connect with.
A mature sensibility, fearless of change.
A strong, independent will with a gentle spirit.

Having the toughness of workwear, the discipline of a uniform, and movement and momentum, this is a creation made​ from playfulness and leisure​ using freely drawn scratch line crayon drawings and paint roller patterns.​ Expressing various patchwork that prove to have opposite expressions; A combination ; color-structured needle-punched coats, deconstruction and reconstruction, experimental jackets made of different materials and color gradations, patchwork coats and skirts of flannel wool, heavy kadi cotton and twill gauze, and​ textile prints that look like old fabric scraps.

A Beauty that symbolizes AN incomparable "spirit”,​ like clothes that are comfortable on the body, and worn freely, without fear.

* The online boutique will be available starting July 28th.

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Yohji Yamamoto + NOIR
English SIte | French Site

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