Terms of service

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Terms of service

Yohji Yamamoto Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) defines the terms of use for the website “THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO” (http://theshopyohjiyamamoto.com “Service”) operated by the Company as follows.

Article 1 Member

"Member" means individuals who apply for registration after agreeing to these Terms of Service in accordance with procedures set up by the Company.
"Account Information" means information on the attributes of the members disclosed by the members to the Company, and information such as history on members' transactions.
These Terms apply to all members, and are the terms that members must adhere to in the registration process and after registration.

Article 2 Registration

Membership qualification
The customer who agreed to these Terms of Service and applied for the membership will be qualified as a member after completing the registration procedure. Membership registration procedures must be done by the individual who signs up a member. Registrations by proxy are not permitted in any circumstances. In addition, we may refuse membership application from those whose membership has once been taken down, or from those who are not suitable to become a member according to our judgement.
Entering Member Information
Please carefully read the caution notes and enter necessary information correctly in the form when completing the registration procedure. Special symbols, old Chinese characters, Roman numerals, etc. cannot be used for the registration procedure. When these characters are used in the registration, we will make changes in the account information.
Password Management
Password can be used only by the member himself or herself, and cannot be assigned or lent to a third party.
Please remember that the password is to be managed responsibly by the member so that it will not be known to others. We recommend updating password periodically.
The intention made to us by using the password is regarded as the intention of the members themselves, and members are responsible for all the payments that arise because of those intentions made by them.

Article 3 Withdrawal from Account

If the member wishes to withdraw from membership, the member himself / herself should complete the withdrawal procedure. The member is withdrawn from the account when completing the withdrawal procedure.

Article 4 Disqualification of Account and Compensation Obligation

Should the member make a false declaration at the time of registering for an account, neglect payment obligation, or be deemed to be inappropriate as a member by the Company, the Company has the right to disqualify the member's account. We are not responsible for any loss or the like caused to the customer by revoking the membership.
The member is responsible to make necessary compensations to the Company should the member perform any of the following actions.
Illegally using member's number, E-mail address used for log in, and password.
Hindering our business by accessing this website to tamper with information or sending harmful computer program to this website.
Violating intellectual property rights of our goods.
Making any other actions contrary to this Terms of Service

Article 5 Management of Member Information

In principle, the Company does not disclose member information to third parties without prior consent of the members. However, in the following cases, the Company shall be able to disclose member information and other account information without prior consent of the member.
When required to disclose certain information based on laws and regulations
When disclosure is deemed to be necessary in order to protect the Company's rights, interests, honor, etc.
Regarding account information, we manage it in accordance with our "Personal Information Protection Policy". The Company shall be allowed to use the account information for the purpose of providing services to members, improving service contents, promoting the use of services, and securing sound and smooth operation of services.
The Company shall be allowed to provide sales information to members (including advertisements) by E-mail newsletters or other means. If the member does not wish to receive information, we will stop providing information after the member sends us a request according to the procedure specified by us. However, we will still be sending out information necessary for this service operation regardless of the request from the members.

Article 6 Prohibited Matter

When using this service, we prohibit users from making the following actions.
・Violating laws or regulations, notices on using this service, attention on shopping on this service and other terms and conditions.
・Damaging the rights, interests, and honer of the Company and other third parties.
・Making actions that may adversely affect the physical and mental conditions of young people, and conducting other acts contrary to public order and morals.
・Conducting acts that cause discomfort or disturb other users or other third parties.
・Entering false information
・Sending or writing harmful computer programs or E-mail, etc.
・Accessing to our servers and other computers illegally.
・Lending or transferring passwords to a third party, or sharing it with a third party.
・Doing other activities that we judge as inappropriate.

Article 7 Suspension of Services, etc.

In order to maintain the operating status of this service, the Company shall be allowed to suspend all or part of the provision of this service without prior notice if it is under any of the following conditions.
When periodic maintenance or emergency maintenance of the system is required mandatory.
When the system undergoes concentrated loads beyond its capacity.
When the system becomes difficult to operate due to fire, blackout, interference by a third party, etc.
When we decide that it is necessary to stop the system unavoidably for any other reasons.

Article 8 Change / Abolition of Service

We shall be allowed to make changes or abolish all or part of the service without prior notice based on our own judgement.

Article 9 Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any disruption, retardation, discontinuation, loss of data due to failure of communication line, computer, etc., damage caused by unauthorized access to data, and any other damages caused to users.
We do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc. of the contents etc. of the service we provide to the members, and we do not guarantee the contents of the service provided to the members by E-mail sent from our webpage · server · domain do not include harmful items such as computer viruses, etc.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by violation of these Terms and Conditions by the User.

Article 10 Revision of These Terms of Service

We may revise this Agreement arbitrarily and we also may establish a contract to supplement this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "supplementary agreement"). Revision or replenishment of these Terms shall take effect upon posting of the revised Terms or Supplementary Conditions on the Company's designated site. In this case, the user shall comply with the revised contract and supplementary agreement.

Article 11 Jurisdictional Court

In the event of a dispute with respect to these Terms, the district court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company's head office shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

Article 12 Governing Law

Governing law concerning this contract is Japanese law.

These Terms shall apply from February 15, 2018.
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