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Products are not secured for purchase until you have completed your order (even if you have placed the products in your shopping cart).
Since multiple customers can put the same product in their respective shopping carts simultaneously, please note that another customer may complete their order before you, and the product may go out of stock.

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Once your order is completed, we will automatically send you an order confirmation email to your registered e-mail address within a few minutes.
If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail for your order, it is possible that there is an issue, so please contact us.
*Some free e-mail services such as hotmail may not be able to receive our e-mails, even if there are no errors in the email address.
Please note it is possible that e-mails from THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO get automatically deleted by email anti-virus software.
If you receive two or more confirmation emails for the same order, there is a possibility that the order is duplicated. In that case, do not hestitatehere.​ ​to contact us.


Please contact our customer service if you want to cancel your order. Please note that cancellations may not be possible depending on order status. In this case, please contact us to make a return.

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