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About Account Information

Making an Account

Once you register as a member, you will benefit from special services such as a registered address, purchase browsing history, management of the WISH LIST, and subscription to newsletters.
To make a new account, please complete the process from​ ​Here​ ​.
Once registering an account, you only have to type in your e-mail address and password, and you do not have to type in your personal information at every purchase.
Please make sure to read​ ​Terms of Service​ ​when registering an account

Conditions for Making an Account

Anyone who possesses an e-mail address for personal computer or smartphone can make an account

Log in and Log out

Once you have created an account, you can log in from MEMBERS AREA at the bottom of this site.
Please log out before leaving this site when logging in from an environment where multiple people use one computer (work place, internet cafe etc.)
*The logout button is placed at the top of this site or within MEMBERS AREA.


At MEMBERS AREA, you can manage WISH LIST, refer to your purchase history, change membership information, register address, and delete your account.

Responsibilities with your Password

You are strictly responsible for managing your own membership and password.

Editing your Account Information

Hereto log in and proceed with the process.

I forgot my Password

Hereto issue a new password.

Deleting an Account

Hereto log in and proceed with the process.

About Newsletters

We send newsletters to inform customers about the arrival of new goods, etc.
If you are receiving e-mails from designated domains, you might not be able to receive e-mails from us. Please allow reception from the domain
If you do not follow the instruction above, you may fail to receive e-mails from us.

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