Shipping Company

The product you ordered will be delivered through the service by​ ​DHL​ ​.
We can not accept the request to change the shipping company.
The goods will be shipped from Japan.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of each order and the shipping address.
* There is also a possibility that the final price fluctuates by a little compared to the shown price depending on the distance and the weight of the goods.

Delivery Period

We will deliver the ordered goods in the shortest time possible.
We do not take requests from customers for specific arrival date and arrival time slot.

Shipping Address

We accept your request for a delivery to an address other than your home address (workplace, etc.). But in that case, the registration of your home address is required.

In Case of Long-Term Absence from Home or Delivery Refusal at the Door

If you do not receive goods and the goods come back to the warehouse, the order will automatically be considered as canceled.
In addition, the goods can not be re-shipped. If you still wish to purchase the goods, please place an order once again. * Please note that the goods could be sold out.
Please note that, if the delivery gets rejected because of long-term absence or customer's own reasons, or if the deliveries get rejected or cancelled repeatedly, please understand that we could potentially refuse the orders from that customer.​ ​

About Package

Please note that, we cannot ship the goods you ordered separately in a single package.

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