S'YTE AW22-23 Collection

S'YTE AW22-23 Collection

S'YTE Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection will be available from 12:00 PM on Thursday, September 15th.THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTOWe will start deployment at.

A world of "S'YTE DERICK" where rock music is always flowing at the root. Items that combine fabrics such as wool and check tweed are outfit with quilting, mohair knit, and pants with Pattern Changing pleated skirts, making it a collection that Among them, the full vegetable tanning has been washed, and the combination of reversible and wearable mouton-like fur and quilting, and the layering style with the smell of skins and punkish are fresh. leather, and accessories are reminiscent of a neo-psychedelic hippie.

The Pattern Changing original textile gobelin jacquard series, which makes you feel Indian and ethnic moods, is reminiscent of the crawler and British movements, and has been arranged with denim and pleats to create a snobbish atmosphere.

Based on the French ivy x knickers, duffle coat x Glen plaid, and three-piece x bowtie shirt that were popular in the first half of the 80's, it has been sublimated into an artisanal item by adding details such as cutting and sleek.

For the 2022-2023 Fall/Winter S'YTE season, we will develop a hybrid collection that incorporates the essence of modern details while imagining the movement of the 70's and 80's.

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