Y's BANG ON! Is a practical expression of the elements behind Y's and Yohji Yamamoto 's clothing making.

Inspired by vintage and used wear, the latest collection has been reconfigured with various elements brought out from inspiration such as workwear, military, and remake-like designs.

Creative details seen in remake designs, such as patchwork and freely attached pockets, are skillfully constructed with patterns (molds).

The latest collection will be available from Saturday, August 6th at Y's Omotesando, other selected stores in Japan, and official online boutiques.

Portraits to decorate the latest collection── Model Mio wearing the latest collection of Y's BANG ON! A fresh sensibility and a pure spirit make the latest collection stronger and more impressive.

No.188A classic and army hybrid expression that combines a mod coat with a peak lapel. A fabric that is made to look like worn-out clothes that you like. The tailored mods coat has a variable expression and creates an orthodox workwear-like style.

No.190This season's proposal is a skirt worn by both men and women. Cotton fabric made to look like worn-out clothes. An expression that cuts out a part of the clothes, replacing the mods coat with a skirt. type) creates a moderate style that does not look too primitive even when layered.

No.178A blouson made up of three types of leather. By washing the product, the difference in texture and color of each leather appears, creating a rich expression. Depth created by aging. Leather items that are more fun to wear by wearing them for a long time.

No.164Workwear drawn with tailoring. A functional tailored jacket draws a beautiful silhouette. A fabric that is made to look like your favorite worn-out clothes.

Release date: Sequentially from Saturday, August 6, 2022
Y's Omotesando, selected Japanese domestic stores and official online boutiques

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