Argyle pattern partially constructed on satin or cotton and wool. A hooded coat dress that creates a hood with a three-dimensional effect on the collar, and a uniquely colored cotton coat.

Y's-like texture and composition. Y's classic and unique silhouette that is workwear-like and has a sense of volume that can be worn lightly in the fluctuating season.

The latest Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection will be available in Japan from Friday, August 5th at stores in Japan and official online boutiques.

A men's size shirt made of vintage-like rough rayon satin, with asymmetrical details that make the placket come off at the hem, and a skirt with a unique shape. The argyle pattern, which is completed by pounding wool onto the satin fabric with an embroidery machine and cutting off each piece by hand, is finally washed to create a tattered texture, creating an impression that is familiar to the whole. everyday life.

Hooded coat dress with windproof collar. Based on a cotton material with a vintage feel, it is reversible with a wool flannel inside trimmed from the hood to the front edge. A piece with a different appearance on the front and back. A men's size white shirt that looks like a work shirt, and double-layered pants that look like you can see the underpants layered from the extreme low-rise pants. A tailored striped wool fabric creates an easy, classic daytime look.
ー Coat dress/Scheduled to be released in mid-August

A long work shirt made of cotton material with different flannel wool design pockets on the left and right. A big silhouette that can be used as a light coat. The size is large enough for men to wear with a haori, and it can be worn oversized like a shirt dress. A workwear style with straight silhouette pants and a unique accent with a pattern that looks like a collage of a dictionary.

A coat made of cotton material that allows you to enjoy the fluctuation of color and the aging of the pigment coloring by roller printing on the entire surface. The width of the body and the armholes are slightly large, and the shoulders are naturally dropped shoulders. A boy-like style that combines a shirt with a sense of modern menswear and hanging pants with a deep rise is feminine. .
ー Long jacket/store pre-sale

Y's Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Collection
Release date: Friday, August 5, 2022
Japanese domestic store andOfficial online boutique




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