Ground Y × Mai Fukagawa <My favorite> Collection

Ground Y x Mai Fukagawa <My favorite> Collection
Actress Mai Fukagawa's collaboration items will be available for order starting June 28th (Tue) to July 4th (Mon).

Photographed by Kaoru Yasuba

The brand "Ground Y", which proposes new possibilities in fashion with "genderless" and "ageless" styles, while incorporating multiple elements synchronized with the concept through the filter of Yohji Yamamoto, will present a collaboration collection with Mai Fukagawa, an actor active in TV dramas and movies, who has appeared as a Ground Y key visual model in the past and is close to Ground Y The collection will be available for order on the official online store "THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO" and Ground Y directly-managed stores for a limited period of seven days from June 28th (Tue.) until July 4th (Mon.).
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The key visual model for the Ground Y 2022 Spring / Summer collection is actress Mai Fukagawa, who has freely drawn her own handwritten motifs and illustrations based on the theme of her "favorite things," as well as the hand-drawn Ground Y brand logo The collection will be available in loose, one-size-fits-all sizes for both men and women, and is easy to wear on a day-to- day basis.

▼ Ground Y × Mai Fukagawa <My favorite> Collection
Big Hoodie: 1 size available / Short-sleeved raglan big cut-and-sew: 2 sizes available Graphic short-sleeved cut-and-sew: 1 size available / Shoulder bag: 2 types 1 size available One size fits all.

-Message from the artist-

I am very happy to be collaborating with Ground Y for the third time.
This time, I hope that the people who pick up these clothes will be able to enjoy their daily lives, valuing their own personality and what they "like" about themselves.
That is the theme of my illustrations.
Ground Y 's clothes are very comfortable, so I hope you will wear these items for a long time in your everyday!
<< Ordering Period: Tuesday, June 28th, 10:00 --Monday, July 4th, 23:59
■ Ordering
Please register as a member of the official online store "THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO" and click the "order button" on the product detail page.
If you wish to place an order at a directly-managed store, please ask a sales clerk at the store.

[Profile of Mai Fukagawa]
Mai Fukagawa was born in 1991 in the Shizuoka Prefecture.
Major film credits include "Ai ga Nanda" (Rikiya Imaizumi / 19), "Omoide Shasma" (Naoto Kumazawa / 21), "Boku to Kanojo to Larry to" (Renpei Tsukamoto / 21), dramas "Manpuku" (NHK / 19) ), "Nihon Boroshuku Kiko" (TX / 19), "Seiten wo Suteke" (NHK / 21), "Nuptial Notification ni Han wo Seishitate Dake" (TBS / 21), "Tokusho 9 Season 5" (EX / 22) . (TBS / 21), and "Special Investigation 9 Season 5" (EX / 22).
Mai Fukagawa office website:

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