LIMI feu 20th anniversary collaboration S / S22

LIMI feu 20th anniversary collaboration S / S22

LIMI feu, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, will release an anniversary collection on 4/29 (Friday / holiday) in collaboration with models Kozue Akimoto and ERIKO NAKAO, who have been close friends for some time.

From all the looks announced in the past 20 years, we will ask you to select the look that responds to you through your sensibilities, and we will develop it in two parts, spring / summer and autumn / winter.

With the theme of "choose according to your intuition. Stick to your favorite taste" common to all three, the first edition of 2022 Spring / Summer will release 6 looks from the 2003-2010 Spring / Summer collection.

LIMI feu 20th anniversary collaboration 2022 spring / summer collection

Release date: April 29, 2022 (Friday / holiday)
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The look that combines a feminine look with a punk-rock atmosphere is a selection from the Spring / Summer 2003 collection. The fabric is made into a hole by opal. processing, and then washed to finish the fray that is created around the hole as an accent.

from LIMI feu 2003 spring summer

The look that combines elegant and silky black tops with elegant pants while maintaining a relaxed feeling is a selection from the 2005 Spring / Summer collection. The tubular design that flows down from the chest is unique. Three-dimensional out pockets on the back of the pants add casualness to the supple black look.

from LIMI feu 2005 spring summer

The black yet light one-piece look is a selection from the Spring / Summer 2010 collection. The triple-woven gauze is washed to give it a natural texture. The delicate flare extending from the chest creates a soft, large circle toward the hem.

from LIMI feu 2010 spring summer


The setup where the front and back expressions intersect is a selection from the 2008 Spring / Summer collection. A unique design that mixes a double jacket and a vest. You can also enjoy stalling with the inner that you can see from the T-shaped slash on the back. Chaps pants can be combined with micro pants made of the same material to freely switch between masculine and feminine.

from LIMI feu 2008 spring summer
VESTS / CHAPS PANTS * Micro Pants included

Coquette knitting wear with a garter belt is a selection from the Spring / Summer 2006 collection. Gently knitted with cotton yarn, it also has a practical aspect that does not make you feel stress. The presence of one piece and the will to use one piece. enhance the individuality.

from LIMI feu 2006 spring summer

The eye-pleasing graphical borders and trapezoidal pleated look are selected from the Spring / Summer 2009 collection. The layered pleated dress and mini pleated skirt, which are transparent like spring and summer, take in air every time they move and reflect irregular and elegant light The hem of the jet-black vest is finished with a cut that looks like black petals are in bloom.

from LIMI feu 2009 spring summer
DRESS *Stretch belt included / VESTS / WRAP MINI SKIRT

PHOTOGRAPH Ryosuke Maezawa (SEPT). MAKE-UP Sada Ito for NARS cosmetics (donna). HAIR Masashi Konno

PHOTOGRAPH Takashi Yoshida. MAKE-UP Ken Nakano. HAIR Eriko Nakao

LIMI feu

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