S’YTE 2022 Spring / Summer Collection

S’YTE 2022 Spring / Summer Collection

The S'YTE 2022 Spring / Summer collection will start at THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO from 12:00 PM on March 10th (Thursday).

This season, despite the key color of Yohji Yamamoto, "black", we often use earth tones such as beige, ecru, and khaki.

Many items using natural materials with a refreshing feeling such as linen, Indian cotton, and viscose will appear.

Simple oriental geometric patterns expressed by squeezing discharge printing, block printing, and embroidery,
Geometric patterns that are conscious of South America and the western United States such as Tribal and Ortega.
It is characterized by a countryless atmosphere where everything is woven together.

A setup that incorporates the ultimate inside-out technique that exposes striped back cupra and pocket bag cloth, etc.
A set-up of sports jerseys crossed with classic fabrics,
Sheer mesh and punkish coordination of shorts, etc.
We will propose a collection that expresses two sides by skillfully using "yin" and "yang" unique to S'YTE.

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