Power── Your own axis creates a strong, active, and stable style. Layered elements and meanings that do not create rules. An active texture that expresses the spirituality hidden inside and the ability to act without any inconvenience. Each way of being made by spirituality, not by law.

Fresh and impressive prints and coloring. Linen Cotton that is expressed softly. Unique clothing that transforms into a style by inserting a marine taste suitable for summer and characterized a simple outfit. The overlap of elements adds a new perspective to Y's style.

The latest collection will be available for purchase at stores in Japan and official online boutiques from Friday, March 4th.

A characterized coat with a box-shaped pocket on the front of a simple work coat. A combination of nylon Twill and nylon ox with different textures, a different ivory color composition created by the difference in the dyeing method of the product. A very light coat with a nice accent, with a combination of shades of color created by the balance between the pattern (mold) and the composition of the fabric. The white layered, which is made by layering white shirts to give a refreshing depth, is contemporaryly completed in combination with black.

An abstract print with a motif like a torn tulle pasted on a striped shirt fabric and a scribble-like paint pattern. The three-dimensional and deep expression adds interesting nuances to the mechanical graphics. The men's-like striped fabric adds lightness, and the big silhouette and abstract print add weight to the impression, expressing a new perspective on the layered border.

A linen and Cotton fabric with a worn-out texture. A long jacket dress that is easygoing and chic like summer, wearing a coat with a complicated composition like a dress.

A sporty and nimble shirt dress with a large stand collar and zipper, worn like a sailor collar with a folded collar. The neat impression of the white shirt and the worn-out chest create an active, neat and innocent femininity. The waist-marked form of the body bag brings out the style in a modern way.

Originally, the size feeling of the military hoodie for putting on various equipment is quoted as it is, and it is expressed by oversize. A charming amount even if a woman wears it quickly. The Cotton boiled fabric is layered in a shirt-like dress with large holes on the sides, and the unformal dress leads the style to an interesting silhouette.

A linen cotton summer jacket style in which jackets, blouses and pants are layered with the same material and worn flat like a boiler suit. Random threads that appear in the middle of sewing and handicrafts that leave button threads add a modern touch to the silhouette.

A coverall that can be worn in various ways with a gimmick derived from workwear. The striking red color, the random thread in the middle of sewing, and the handicraft expression that leaves the button thread, add a modern touch of craft nuance to the silhouette. Linen Cotton with a soft texture and the opening of the fly-tailored collar add a sense of omission and create a feminine style. The waist and hem can be squeezed with tabs to add volume to the silhouette. If you squeeze the waist and add volume to the upper body, or if you squeeze the hem, an interesting change in form will appear at your feet.

A shirt dress with a folded stand collar and worn like a big collar blouse. The waist is randomly tucked, and the simple form is matched with a skirt with asymmetric drapes. The texture of the collar, the casual volume created by the silhouette, and the swaying of the cloth transform the simple outfit into a style.

An orthodox style that combines denim with a white Cotton broad shirt. Tighten the belt on the right side of the wrap, and the pants that can be worn at high / low and free waist positions have a maxi length when worn at the waist, and a light impression when worn at the high waist and squeezed at the waist. By tightening the belt, the joint line flows, creating an asymmetric silhouette. The sharp impression of the white shirt, and the generally ethnic inspirational wrap pants, have a uniform-like hardness added to the material and silhouette, and a flowing silhouette for a daytime style.

The strapless has adjustable shoulder straps, a large flap pocket on the left armpit, and hem of different lengths to give the garment movement. The waist-marked form of the body bag brings out the style in a modern way.

Y's 2022 Spring / Summer Collection
Release Date: Friday, March 4, 2022
Japanese domestic store andOfficial online boutique




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