Y ’s ART PROJECT --WOMEN ’S EMPOWERMENT Autonomy / Heteronomy

Y ’s ART PROJECT --WOMEN ’S EMPOWERMENT Autonomy / Heteronomy

"WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT Autonomy / Heteronomy" is an art project that expresses Y's consistent female image with photographer Rowland Kirishima. The start was announced in April 2019, the photo work of the art project that has been taken for multiple years, all 43 works that captured 50 subjects were completed, and on February 28, 2022, all the works will be released. Published online.

WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT Autonomy / Heteronomy

"WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT Autonomy / Heteronomy" has been produced for three years by Rowland Kirishima as a creative director, with women who support the project as the subject.

"WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT Autonomy / Heteronomy" launched in 2019 as an art project that inherits "Women on the Move" that Y's and Mr. Kirishima also performed in 2013 is a creative exchange between Mr. Rowland Kirishima and Mr. Y's. Was born.

Y's, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, was founded by Yohji Yamamoto in 1972. Making clothes for women that supports the "active participation of women" and "social advancement of women" by creating women's clothing that crosses the times.

The concept of "women wearing men's clothes" that Y's set up at the time of its establishment is a strong manifestation of not only the shape but also the philosophy behind it with a very high degree of design.

It is still the basis of Y's, and we continue to make clothes for women who live strongly and flexibly while changing in various ways with the changing times.

WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT Autonomy / Heteronomy, which Mr. Kirishima created the photo work, played a part in expressing the philosophy behind Y's, which can be said to be the identity, as an art visual.

プロジェクトのタイトルにあるAutonomy / Heteronomyには、桐島氏の想いが反映されています。



A dignified woman who has a will and is lithe in any form. Women who express it with themselves.

Each way of expression in the work is based on the motif of "words" that are inspired by the subject.

The photo work in which they are projected is unique by the art director Rosanne Can Yobanobski, who has a close relationship with Rowland Kirishima, with various landscapes taken by Rowland Kirishima selected as the background for each. The artwork was put on it, and after many creative dialogues, it became a single photographic expression.

The various backgrounds and landscapes of the country become the "only place" in the work due to the artwork, and each of them represents the unique way of standing of the women who were the subjects. And it seems.

A dancer who may express "Voice" with beautiful movements.Aoi Yamada.. As a determination of who he will be, he has "Will" and chooses a profession called a model.Emon Miyuki, Naohana, Emon Kurumi.. An artist / nail artist who creates an "Art" project centered on nail art, which is the origin.Hana4.. Sisters of both models who "INSPIRE" each other and share their feelings with the same feeling in the relationship of twins.Hiroko Oda, Takako Oda

A model / actress who is cute and attractive like a superhero who flips the cloak and has "Power" in her.Yu Takahashi.. A model / artist who stands strong and shows the strength and "Hope" to overcome any situation.Nishiuchi Mariya.. The lightning bolt, which is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, and the symbol of "NERVE (spiritual power)" are drawn, and the actress who stands naturally in the workYuka Itaya.. An actress who moves people's hearts-has a clear "Desire" and creates rich expressions.Mayu Hotta

An actress / model whose work expression incorporates the nuances of Aurora, which means the goddess of dawn that her motivation "Drives" her now and wants to see in the future.Rinka Kumada.. A painter whose many subjects in herself and what she expresses are in the word "SPIRIT".Uchida Suzume.. An actress / model standing next to a poster with a mixture of various "CULTURE"Eri Tachibana.. A model who has "passion" and "passion" drives her.Miki Fujii

An actress / model whose "Illuminate" is directed toward a stronger self and expression due to transformation.Haru Izumi.. The number "9" that expresses spirituality is selected as a keyword, and the appearance is reflected in the work of the actress / modelAyaka Miyoshi.. BLAST CEO, who has a clear goal, frees women from common sense values and brings "Freedom"Rina Ishii.. An artist / editor's prayer and hope for the future, which overlaps with the "Faith" that directs us to what we should be.Spring.。

Like a swan-a constant effort and beautiful performance, the world around her "Listen" to her, a rock violinist / five-string violinist.Ayasa.. An actress who is impressed by the kindness of others and who is close to others and whose "Kindness" for everything gives power to expression.Honoka Matsumoto.. "GRRRLISM", a rapper who has been transformed into a hymn that breaks the barriers of female stereotypes with strong inspiration.Akkogorilla.. With the statement "all the women. In me. Are tired.", How do you live as an Asian and a woman? A curator who explored strategies and concrete examplesJasmine WahiAnd the managing director of THE CLUBYukako Yamashita

An actress / model who realizes "Dream" with her own powerRina Konuki.. A virtual model with "MADE" arranged in a double-meaning of success and making, a kind of word game.imma.. Playwright / actor's quoted "Fierce" from the line "Midsummer Night's Dream"Yuri Yamada.. An idol who likes the painter Édouard Manet and chooses to "create" the future himself.Ayaka Wada

A model with a sacred image of "Mother" who influenced her lifeAria Asakawa (Aria Pokey)Ibuki Sakai, a model/artist, is a pioneer. Ibuki Sakai is a model/artist who unabashedly moves forward with a "Pioneer" spirit. A model/artist who makes herself a medium of "Change (transformation)" and slides herself into an appearance that nullifies stripe such as nationality and race with her anonymous appearance.Shara Rajma.. As a mysterious existence that you do not know who, the filmmaker / artist who creates the work as an individualUMMMI.

An electronic musician / DJ's illustration of the "Dystopia" word, which is similar to her music, and a DNA double helix using a distorted binary system to symbolize future artificial intelligence.Sakura Tsuruta.. A mosaic artist who has "Wisdom" and replaces ancient art with modern times.Yukiko Nagai.. A fashion model that "Breathes" in the sea and expresses you to swim freely in the sea.Yu Ishizuka.. "LOVE" ourselves and the things that surround us, YouTuberMy Channel (Kana Mitarashi / Miki)

A painter who "found" himself and draws works with a strong willYuka Asakura.. "I WANT TO BE THE WIND", a calligrapher who takes himself to various places with his own spirit like the windManmi.. An actress / director / producer who wants to have a free spirit and a rich heart, "Boundless" in a world of fluctuations.Kiki Sugino.. Yohji Yamamoto Atelier Assistant, expressed by the word "Ingenue", which is derived from the French word ingénu, which means original, innocent, or candid.Yuka Kimura

Each mother and daughter's "Journey" that they lead themselves is a singer / songwriter who resonates with others and empowers women.SARINAAnd the artist / fitness coachMARISA.. A model that deepens your insight into "Legacy" and ancient artJoi.. "Living Ture", a basketball player who lives the truth without fear and faithful to himselfStephanie MawuliWhen,Evelyn Mawuli.. An actress who continues to challenge to make everyday life extraordinary with her own handsNozomi Bando

"Instigater", an artist who stands on his feet and expresses things that only he can do.Harumi Sato.. An actress who leaves herself to the changing things, sees the essential "Happiness", and stands up slowly and strongly.Ikeda Eliza.. With the famous slogan "The personal is political", which was enthusiastically spoken by the activists of the second wave of feminism from the 1960s to the 1970s, as a background picture, I presented what freedom in modern society is, in my own way of life. A writer who still strongly encourages and inspires usYoko Kirishima

Not only the strength that is visible, but the strength that is here now, in various stances, lightly or softly, interestingly, or mysteriously, calmly, on individual principles.

A supple and powerful image that appeared in the work, whose expression was derived from the person himself.

The question "What is freedom in modern society" presented by Rowland Kirishima in this art project has the same meaning as the question "What is a woman?"

Y's has expressed the answer to that question in the form of "clothes" for 50 years and handed it to "they".

Y's will continue to create "women's clothing" in honor of the women who support the art project and are willing to participate as part of their creations, and to all the women.


All Photography / Creative Direction by Rowland Kirishima
Background Wall Artwork by Rosanne Kang Jovanovski

Retouched by Taichi Imai
CG by CyberHuman Productions. Inc,
Associated by ROOK, Inc.

Courtesy of Y's / YOHJI YAMAMOTO Inc.



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