Y ’s, 2022 Resort Collection ── Colors inserted in Wise Black. Like the light reflected by the particles of air, it is inserted into clothes and wraps around the style. The fresh and refreshing sensibility leads the clothes to a free silhouette.

An easy and light dress style with a printed pattern that has an impressive abstractly constructed dynamic brush stroke pattern on a mannish stripe. A collection of easy-going summer knits. A series made of two material compositions that give a tough and nuanced impression like denim with light materials. The latest resort-style work that is easy and deep.

A mature and bewitching atmosphere, incorporated into a clean, men's-like style, adds playfulness and spirit to the relaxed silhouette of the resort season.

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The color that is inserted into Wise Black. An abstractly constructed brushstroke pattern on top of a mannish stripe. A dress-like style with a sleeveless pullover that becomes the front both front and back, and a skirt that swings lightly with asymmetry.

A shirt dress with a big silhouette that is voluminous like a haori. The moving print pattern, swaying fabric, and asymmetrical balance propose an easy and light summer dress style.

A rough lace-knit pullover knit that allows for a flexible layered style. A cropped pullover that adds uniqueness and strength to a simple style with long sleeves.

A lace-knit pullover knit dress with a long length that extends to the knees. A summer knit collection with a rough knitted fabric that creates a laid-back femininity and a summery feel.

A unique knit cardigan with a combination of plain knitted fabric and uneven ridges. The way the buttons on the front are fastened creates a layered form, creating a style with just one piece. A relaxed long length summer knit collection.

A collection of asymmetric jackets, pants, skirts and dresses composed of two materials. The combination with transparent materials gives a light and cool impression. The rough texture expressed by product dyeing has a unique setup style that mixes toughness like workwear and classic impression like tailored, and the light material gives a tough and nuanced impression like denim in summer. Suggest a style.

Release Date: Friday, February 18, 2022
Japanese domestic store and
Official online boutique




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