Strength in the spirit, fresh and new sensibility

Power ─ Your own axis creates a strong, active and stable style. Layered elements and meanings that do not create rules. An active texture that expresses the spirituality hidden inside and the ability to act without any inconvenience. Each way of being made by spirituality, not by law.

The 2022 Spring / Summer collection is a combination of white and ecru colors in the in the signature black color, with the strength and fresh sensibility of standing. The new texture and overlapping of elements add a new perspective to Y's style. Y’s classic workwear, tailored expression, and unique sculptural beauty. Y's, celebrates 50 years since its establishment, proposes a forward-looking expression and a strong and soft way of being.

An unbalanced and intricately layered light plaid, fresh style composed of khaki and white, and Cotton lace fabric that combines torsion lace.

The strength of clothes, spiritual punk, and style that "people" make.

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It will be available in Japan and Official online boutiques from Saturday, January 8th.

A cotton tailored jacket. When you roll up the cuffs, you can see the sleek fabric of the facing, and the tailoring is made with rough elements, symbolizing Y's wear. Wear it with broad white shirt and men's pants. Transparent Cotton mesh sleeveless pullover, necklace attached to the clothes like a chain, high waist a beautiful silhouette with tailored cargo pants form, etc. A style suitable for a first look, with composition and clothing details adding playfulness and feminine character to it. [LOOK1]

Light tungary Cotton coveralls that can be worn in various ways with workwear-derived gimmicks. The roughness of the sleek fabric that you can see when you roll up the cuffs and the opening of the collar that is tailored to the fly add a sense of omission and create a feminine style. The waist and hem can be squeezed with tabs to add volume to the silhouette. If you squeeze the waist and add volume to the upper body, or if you squeeze the hem, an interesting change in form will appear at your feet. [LOOK2]

An unbalanced sleeveless blouse made of three different materials. The overlap of material and complex print patterns adds depth to the composition. The plaid print is a trompe-l'oeil pattern in which the threads are pulled out one by one and the scanned data of the frayed and tattered wool fabric is printed. The free curves of the frayed threads, which cannot be expressed graphically, brings out the rich expression of the printed pattern. We recommend wearing it with a light summer layered skirt with the same print and black knit pants.[LOOK4]

A workwear dress with a front layered skirt on an apron. The back style is made so that the overall cut fits the body, and the A-line adds a feminine impression. The cotton herringbone has a relaxed texture that resembles a familiar fabric. The elegant bleaching and the soft and rough thickness creates a tough and soft impression.[LOOK6]

A light spring coat that expresses the silhouette that symbolizes the trench coat. There are no epaulettes or rain shelters, and the side openings add a nuance that imitates a gun flap. A herringbone fabric made of cotton nylon with a nice texture, with a belt loop at a high position and a downward-sloping form. A long shirt jacket with a sporty and refreshing open collar that adds a crumpled look to the wear tailored of lightweight polyester that matches the innerwear. The sharp femininity of wearing a jacket like a dress and the romantic impression of torsion lace tights peeking from the hem balances out strength and mildness. [LOOK7]

A sporty and nimble shirt dress with a large stand-up collar and zipper, worn like a sailor collar with a folded collar. This unique dress has a zipper on the upper side and button openings below the waist, and can be worn with pants by closing the zipper only, or as a half-zip long pullover by closing the buttons on the lower side. Layer an A-line shirt dress with a long open-collared shirt and a generous arm can be layered like a haori. A simple and highly effective layered style that becomes charming by layering and creates a different look from the atmosphere you wear with it alone. [LOOK8]

A blouson that reconstructs the liner of a field jacket in military uniform. The bases of the pockets and sleeves are layered together, and the nylon material has a matte texture and moderate elasticity, and the white cotton lining peeks out in places, and the puckering (wrinkles) at the triple-stitched seams adds a three-dimensional look to the garment. It is reversible, and when you turn it over and put it on, the look of the fleece fabric gives a unique and different impression. This fresh style is composed of khaki and white, paired with Y's signature broad white shirt and wide-leg pants with a high-waisted, flattering silhouette.[LOOK9]

Jackets and pants made of cotton lace fabric with torsion laces. A jacket tailored of full lace is layered on a loosely woven white shirt, and a cleverly constructed lace pattern emerges graphically. This season's black and white composition. The balance of the knit pants at your feet leads to an interesting style. [LOOK11]

A one-shoulder dress made of cotton lace fabric with torsion laces that gives a strong impression of its bright red color. A beige shirt dress is layered with a dress tailored entirely of lace, and a cleverly constructed lace pattern emerges uniquely in beige and red layers.[LOOK12]

Spring white. Wide pants with a high waist and nice drapery. The leather ends of the suspenders, made of the same fabric, create a classic atmosphere and bring out a handsome and gentleman's impression in the wood. A sleeveless knit pullover with a diagonal mesh adds a unique gentle touch. [LOOK16]

A jacket tailored of Cotton hemp gabardine with a front body that covers the shoulders, just like wearing a cardigan. Big pockets on the cuffs create a unique jacket with a more interesting silhouette. Black long knit pullover and knit pants with a squeezed hem. This season's black and white composition.[LOOK20]

Y's 2022 Spring / Summer Collection
Release Date: Saturday, January 8, 2022
Japanese domestic stores and 
Official online boutique




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