Y's RESORT 2022

Y's RESORT 2022

Y's, 2022 Resort Collection - Colors inserted in Y's Black. Like light reflecting off a grain of air, it is inserted into the clothes and wraps around the style. The fresh and refreshing sensibility leads the clothes to a free silhouette.

An intricate look of smocking composed of signature black gabardine. Various blues and grays. Spring white. An eye-catching composition of texture and color.

A mature and bewitching atmosphere, incorporated into a clean, men's-like style, adds playfulness and spirit to the relaxed silhouette of the resort season.

It is available at stores in Japan and official online boutiques.


A black style with Y's signature, a jacket tailored of wool gabardine, and an asymmetrical skirt made of the same material with pleats on the left side and a one-shoulder hanging strap. The depth of the craft and the translucent, deep, fresh gray and navy peeking out from the chest add a bit of seductiveness to this style, which has the playfulness and spirit of the 2022 Resort Collection.

The vents of the jacket are attached to a separate fabric with fine pleats, and the elastic shirring is overlaid with smocking embroidery in white thread.

A unique silhouette of a simple shirt stripe fabric with irregular elastic shirring and smocking embroidery on it. An interesting form created by the refreshing skin feeling on the chest, the black embroidery thread that adds sharpness, and the irregular shirring. It can be enjoyed as a light dress on its own, or layered with bottoms to add Y's signature weight to your style.

A half sleeve cape shirt with smocking embroidery on a simple shirt stripe. The smocking pattern is hand embroidered by artisans, with some skips and omissions. The handcrafted elements are modernized and the warm accents are lightly inserted into the shirt. The shading on the simple blouse leads to a complex silhouette. The cropped shape allows for a contemporary look with a variety of pants.

A summer knit is made of desin fabric that can be worn in any season. The nuances of the knitwear and the side drapes created by the supple fabric. The unique form created by the irregular shirring on the gathered pants. The detail of smocking embroidery overlaid with black threads on a black background. The insertion of complex elements turns the composition of a simple item into a style.

Layers of different shades of blue. The quiet layers of color incorporated into Y's Black add color to the resort season. A cotton cardigan with a shirred "Y's" logo, creating an asymmetrical form. A blue pullover with a damaged collar and cuffs. Wide pants in a navy color that looks like it was plucked from the depths of the sea and drapes with a wavering motion.

Crepe de Chine items are proposed for resort season and pre-fall. The mild sheen, texture, and drape add a rich expression to the garment. The layered expression and asymmetrical silhouette of this dress style is unique.

Spring white. This knitwear is composed of a cotton t-shirt layered with a deconstructed knit. Hand stitching running randomly. These sarouel pants are inspired by the tough and sustainable used denim that has been worn out and worn in, with a separate fabric attached to the inside for reinforcement. An interesting layered style that is easy to accessorize with elaborate fabric bottoms.

This coat has a big silhouette with a light and voluminous feel. The mild sheen, texture, and drape of crepe de chine add a rich expression to the garment. It can be worn as a set-up with the same material for a loose dress-like style, or as a thin cloak for inner wear with a coat. The cloak-like volume adds strength to the style.

A blouse made by combining square cloths in the front and back. It adds an accent like a scarf and updates your daytime look. The gray color and the shimmering translucency of the mesh material worn as an inner layer intersect with the freshness of spring and the pleasantly shifting moods to create a soft silhouette.

Loose long shirt dress. The big silhouette, which is conscious of the lines of the body, creates a drape with movement, and the soft shading created by the garment creates style in a single shirt dress. Small details such as the rounded drop shoulders, the shape of the collar, and the pockets on the chest create an accent that melts into the silhouette, making the dress light and comfortable, while also giving it a great look. It can also be worn open in the front like a cape.

A layered style with a striking green knit cardigan. The typography of "Y's" becomes part of the botanical pattern, and the three-dimensional spider motif is unique in this asymmetrical cut-and-sew. The printed patterns and the nuances of the damaged knitwear peeking out from the sleeves and hems express the playfulness and resilient sensibility of early summer in a Y's way.

This coat is a Y's take on workwear in wool gabardine. The basic style of the 2022 resort collection, with gray inserted in black.

Release Date: Friday, December 14, 2021
Japanese domestic stores and Official online boutique

There is also a store where you can order goods by phone and deliver them to you by cash on delivery. Please contact your nearest store for details. Our staff will be happy to assist you.



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