4th Anniversary Capsule Collaboration

4th Anniversary Capsule Collaboration
"Reborn by Mario Kuroba" ・ The release date of the 3rd "Photograph by adieu (Moka Kamishiraishi)" has been decided
Photographed by Masatoshi Yamashiro
Yohji Yamamoto 's filter, while incorporating multifaceted elements that synchronize with the concept, in a "genderless" and "ageless" style
Ground Y", which proposes new possibilities for fashion, is
Seven people who have a close relationship with Ground Y to commemorate the 4th anniversary in April 2021
Special collections with (Eiji Akaso, Mario Kuroba, Rena Takeda, Myuto Morita, Hikaru Yokota, adieu (Moka Kamishiraishi), SKY-HI * in alphabetical order) will be on sale in sequence.
Due to the spread of the new corona infection, we have refrained from developing it, but after careful consideration, we will release the 2nd "Reborn by Mario Kuroba" on May 21st (Friday).
3rd "Photograph by adieu" on May 28th (Friday)
Ground Y Shibuya PARCO has decided to release it at the Official on-line store <THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO>.

[Collection: Colorful byRena Takeda]We will inform you about the following as soon as it is decided.

4th Anniversary Capsule Collaboration
"Reborn by Mario Kuroba" / "Photograph by adieu (Moka Kamishiraishi)"
■ Expanded stores: Ground Y Shibuya PARCO
Official on-line store "THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO" (
■ Release date: "Reborn by Mario Kuroba" May 21st (Friday) / "Photograph by adieu (Kamishiraishi Moka)" May 28th (Friday)
* "THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO" will be on sale from 12:00 PM on each release date.
* Release dates and locations for Rena Takeda, Hikaru Yokota, SKY-HI, and Myuto Morita will be announced on the Ground Y

■ Released on May 21st (Friday)
Collection: Rebornby Mario Kuroba
<Development items> T-shirt 3 type 9,900 yen each
Comment from Mario Kuroba-
"The first message that comes to mind is the word" rebirth. "Since last year, the world has fallen into a difficult situation, and like myself, I have lost what I have taken for granted.
I hope that I can "regenerate" my daily life and regain my daily life. I am grateful to be able to convey this message in the world view of < Ground Y"

■ Released on May 28th (Friday)
Collection: Photographyby adieu (Moka Kamishiraishi)
<Expanded items>
T-shirt 1 type 9,900 yen Shirt 1 type 29,700 yen Hoodie 1 type 19,800 yen
"I am very honored to collaborate Ground Y this way.
adieuI chose my favorite photo and the photo I took myself. I hope it will be the best outfit for those who pick it up. "
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