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Anne-Valery Dupont Capsule Collection
Y's accessories line KAYO NAKAMURA by Y's is pleased to announce its second capsule collection with textile sculptor Anne-Valérie Dupond, available exclusively in the online boutique.

The capsule collection will be available from June 5th (Friday) at 12:00 in the Y's online boutique KAYO NAKAMURA by Y's × Anne-Valérie Dupond capsule collection page.

KAYO NAKAMURA by Y ’s × Anne-Valerie Dupond Capsule collection
*When it is time for sales to start, the artwork will appear on the page above.

One-of-a-kind material. Y's archival textiles represents fragments of craftsmanship, old fabrics that have a story to tell and the accumulation of various places, human memories and things. Y's archival textiles represent fragments of making things, old cloths that have a story to tell and the accumulation of various lands, human memories and things. The second Kayo Nakamura by Y's × Anne-Valérie Dupond project uses old fabrics collected by Kayo Nakamura by Y's from various places as key materials, interweaving archival textiles from Y's. Putting the first (eyeless) flower as a motif in a sculpture that usually "has eyes put on at the end to give life", is a new challenge for the artist and a special creation prepared for Y's, jumping beyond the boundaries of creation. Flowers (plants), a first motif for Anne-Valérie, which shapes the entire collection as a key element.

KAYO NAKAMURA by Y's presents a collection of shoes and bags as an accessory line for Y's. KAYO NAKAMURA by Y's, which started in 2013, has been pursuing themes such as color combinations, patchwork and decorations as one of its identities. We have been expressing the beauty, strength, and interest created by the warmth of these materials and the combination of materials through the design of shoes and bags. It is the essence of core manufacturing that flows at the base of KAYO NAKAMURA by Y's, which has sporty and modern elements.

Anne-Valérie Dupond is a textile sculptor based in Besançon, France, who works internationally. She combines old fabrics found in her own or her family's wardrobe, old bedspreads from her grandparents' attic, old curtains, fabrics passed down from her friends, old clothes, old fabrics, and combines them with vintage lace to give new life to her sculptures and creates her artworks.

Since the first collaboration in Spring/Summer 2018, the exchange of craftsmanship continued, and the second collection was born. Words are exchanged on the fabric, and the thoughts in each piece are enclosed in the fine details of the sculpture, resulting in a powerful, gentle, one-off sculpture with a strong presence.

A textile sculpture of a flower that symbolizes the collection.In France, there is La fête du muguet, a day to give a little bouquet of Lily-of-the-Valley to a loved one, which I received from Anne-Valérie. This is the core item of the KAYO NAKAMURA by Y's Anne-Valérie Dupond capsule collection. "Flowers that are everyday objects in our lives are beautiful, they delight us and enrich our hearts." I was reminded of the preciousness of the same feeling I had, and this sympathy led to my desire to create a collection of flowers, and when I asked Anne-Valérie to express the flowers, this collection began to develop. This is a new form of Anne-Valérie Dupond, born through KAYO NAKAMURA by Y's, by collecting not only real flowers but also art books, repeatedly adding and subtracting materials, and through trial and error, creating a new form of Anne-Valérie's creative expression. Hoping that a space will be filled with warmth through a single flower.

The other works are also all flower-related creations.

The horns are used as the trunk of a flower, and the animals on the hunting trophy are unified by the motif of the sprouting horns. All trophies are engraved with flowers.

Anne-Valérie gives a name to each one of the placed textile sculptures. The animals created this time are named after old-fashioned French flowers.

A floral wreath assembled with flowers.​ ​

Those flower brooches are designed for men of all ages and genders to add a casual accent to their clothes, hats, shoes, etc. The small trophy brooch has a pedestal and can be worn or as a miniature trophy as a decorative piece. Each of the miniature collections has a different expression, and the power of handcrafting dwells in a small world view, and although it is small, each one has a strong presence.

A variety of plants, her signature hunting trophies and animals with names, and dozens of brooches, each one handmade by Anne-Valérie Dupont, are all unique pieces. Leather shoes, individually accompanied by Anne-Valérie's textile sculptures like quilted tassels, and a patchwork KAYO NAKAMURA by Y's bag will also be part of the capsule collection as multiple textile sculptures.
Y ’s online boutique
KAYO NAKAMURA by Y ’s × Anne-Valérie Dupond capsule collection page
KAYO NAKAMURA by Y ’s × Anne-Valerie Dupond Capsule collection
*The work will be shown on the above page when sales begin on June 5 (Fri.) 12:00​ ​

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