On Returning or Exchanging Shipped Goods

About Returning or Exchanging Shipped Goods

Returning or exchanging goods after shipping is not accepted.​ ​
However, if the delivered goods are different from the ones you have ordered, or if there is a clear damage on the delivered goods, please contact us.Please click here​ ​.

About Refund

Refund procedure could take up to 14 days from confirmation of goods arrival.​ ​
Please note that taxes and fees are not refundable.

[A] Payment by Credit Card
If you have purchased with credit card, we will process your refund through credit card company after returning goods . Depending on the circumstances of the credit card company, it could take some time until you receive the refund. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
Depending on the credit card company, refund could be made either in the same month or the following month. It is possible that the charged amount will be withdrawn from your account in that month, and the refund will be made the following month.​ ​
If you have any questions about refunds, please contact the appropriate credit card company.

[B] Payment by Paypal
After returning goods arrive at our warehouse, we will process your refund through Paypal.
Please check with Paypal for detailed flow of refund.

[C] Payment that includes the use of coupon
Returns of goods using coupons will be refunded at the goods price after applying the coupon discount.

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