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  • Silk Satin Rokumeikan Regular Tie
  • Silk Satin Rokumeikan Regular Tie
  • Silk Satin Rokumeikan Regular Tie
  • Silk Satin Rokumeikan Regular Tie
  • Silk Satin Rokumeikan Regular Tie

Silk Satin Rokumeikan Regular Tie

goods details

The 1995 A/W HOMME collection, commonly known as the "Rokumeikan period," was unorthodox and too far ahead of its time. The theme, which was difficult to understand at the time, has now caught up with the times and is gaining recognition. This time, it has been made into a new graphic image with homage. It was supposed to be a symbol of the Meiji Restoration, but in 1883, it was overwhelmed by the desire to catch up with the West and in a sense expose its underdevelopment, and the Rokumeikan came to an end after only four short years. The mismatching of geisha-style faces and dresses at the ball created a blend of Japanese and Western styles that, even in this age of heightened nationalism, is symbolic of the flowering of civilization in Japan's history. The landscape painting depicts people from other countries playing with stilts and rings with a comical touch. In a time when the Japanese were trying to thoroughly westernize their culture, their overly dressed up Western clothes were not easy to wear and looked funny and ape-like from the Western point of view. This is where the dexterity of the Japanese culture, which grew by admiring and imitating the West, began.

100% Silk

Made in Japan

Size details

According to SIZEGUIDE, it is measured by a unique measuring method. Please use the size info to find the right size of the goods that match your measurement..

■ Notes

・ All clothing is placed flat on a flat table for measurement.
・ Some errors may occur depending on the goods. Please note.

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