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  • Mask Cord Strap​ ​
  • Mask Cord Strap​ ​
  • Mask Cord Strap​ ​
  • Mask Cord Strap​ ​
  • Mask Cord Strap​ ​
  • Mask Cord Strap​ ​
  • Mask Cord Strap​ ​
  • Mask Cord Strap​ ​

Mask Cord Strap​ ​

goods details

Masks have become a part of our everyday lives. This mask strap is a must-buy. It can be put on and taken off smoothly in situations such as when eating, and can be hung from your neck to reduce stress on your ears.​ ​
The mask cord, which is both functional and fashionable, is a new standard item for the "new norm"

Simply attach the clips on both sides of the strap to the loop of the mask. The inner diameter of the fastener is set so that it can be attached to almost any mask. Resin is used for the hooks to reduce the weight of the string, and it is stress-free even when eft attached. Shrink tip processing is also used for this item. (A process that cuts the string, passes it through a tube, and shrinks it with heat).
The matte rubber feel of the tube and the matte black coloring express a sporty and mode-like stylishness.
The strap has a stopper that allows you to adjust the length of the cord, which reduces the stress on your glasses and/or ears.
It can also be used as a mask band by adjusting the strap to prevent losing or dropping your mask, and can also help prevent heat stroke. Adjustable to the size of the mask, reduces stress on the ears, prevents loss and dropping, and helps prevent heat stroke .

The strongest combination is with the XProYY mask and the Two-Layer 3pack mask and the cord, with the brand logo casually designed on both sides.​ ​

Lady's model: 173cm

Cord: Polyester
Parts 1: Brass
Parts 2: Polyacetal

Made in Japan

Size details

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■ Notes

・ All clothing is placed flat on a flat table for measurement.
Please note, that slight differences may occur depending on the item.

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