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20 / CottonJersey Maiko T-shirt


We applied graffiti art to maiko Japanese women who feel the times.
A unique view of the world that mixes the West and the East, modern and past.
Significant smiles and graffiti are eye-catching.
We express fray and texture of cloth with print detail.

* S'YTE For body, the collaboration with Kume Textile, which formed a tag at the beginning of the brand's start, is back. A round body with no seams on the sides, ribs and size balance are reviewed and a new bespoke body is produced.
S size made to fit just right for women. M size is made to fit comfortably for men, and oversized for women. The L size is made special with a sizing of oversized like XXL. It is two times bigger in shoulder width compared to the M size and the sleeves are one sized. Made not to be just oversized, but that can be worn by women and men of all sizes. The patterns are made to create various looks.​ ​
As YY, the sizes are presented as S · M · L, but the sizes are closer to the general M · L · XL sizes, 20 / India is soft and shrinks by washing, which produces a better fit and comfort.

※ Kume Textile Industry Co., Ltd. (KUME SEN-I Co., Ltd..)
Japanese and domestic T-shirt manufacturer.
The origin of the Made in Japan t-shirt company which has a history of over 80 years. It is hand woven in Japan with outstanding technique. It has not only an excellent feel, but durability as well. The cuffs and the sleeves are made using blind-stitching. By using a sewing method that can withstand strong tension of taking off and putting on this T-shirt, the possibility of fraying, and  thread breakage can be reduces making it an item you can enjoy for years.​ ​

100% Cotton

Made in Japan

  • 20 / CottonJersey Maiko T-shirt
  • 20 / CottonJersey Maiko T-shirt
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