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  • Brass Trinity Logo Pinkie Ring
  • Brass Trinity Logo Pinkie Ring
  • Brass Trinity Logo Pinkie Ring
  • Brass Trinity Logo Pinkie Ring
  • Brass Trinity Logo Pinkie Ring
  • Brass Trinity Logo Pinkie Ring

Brass Trinity Logo Pinkie Ring

Antique Silver
No. 10
goods details

[ETY'S un Bijou] A full-fledged new accessory jewelry line to add some spice. 
A trinity ring based on top of a slender flat ring.
Made from two types: antique silver and matte black. By suppressing the shine, this item gives off a mode look.  
The size is about 9 to 10 male pinky size, a standard size for women.
The triple ring is attractive because of the three overlaps and it's flexibility to movement, which makes it feel surprisingly fitted. 
By engraving the brand logo on only one of the rings, more change in expression can be enjoyed with movement. 
The strength of the ring has been increased by tapping each piece together by hand instead of making a mold and joining them together. By carving one by one directly with a machine, the old-fashioned rugged and antique texture that cannot be expressed by laser carving can be created. 

Trinity is a trinity, a triad, or a trinity in three partial in Christian religion. The Trinity ring, which was born after the difficult request of Jean Cocteau on Cartier, is synonymous.

100% Brass

Made in Japan

Size details

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■ Notes

・ All clothing is placed flat on a flat table for measurement.
・ Some errors may occur depending on the goods. Please note.

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