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  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt
  • Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt

Junji ITO Twisted Visions T-shirt

goods details

The latest special collaboration with Junji Ito, one of Japan's leading horror manga artists who has enthusiastic fans all over the world. This time, we will develop items that fully showcase the masterpieces of Mr. Junji Ito, who has continued to create a unique world with detailed brush strokes such as "Tomie".

Featuring a magnificent cover picture that can be said to be the centerpiece from Junji Ito's first art book "Junji Ito Art Book Variant World".
According to Junji Ito, he chose a front-facing beauty because it was the cover page, and then chose a method of modeling monsters from there.
I prefer radials more than usual because of the unpleasant feeling of a gejigeji's feet, so I decided on the theme of "radial" from the middle of the sketch. A masterpiece that seems to be a compilation of Junji Ito's recent worldview, which was completed over five days from the rough, which is the source of creating a magnificent scale.
There are two women in the hair of a seemingly symmetric beautiful woman facing the front, a skull on the neck, a baby in the hand, and a violent radial pattern. And next to it, another girl's swirling hair and radiating eyeballs constantly convey the intensity.
In the abnormal, surreal and goth landscape, you can feel the heavy bass that is distorted with the rustling of death metal.
I boldly used double-sided paintings in black and white without any coloring for this impressive masterpiece.
There is no doubt that it is the most powerful and valuable mainstream collaboration item this time.

Available in three sizes to expand the range of ways to wear it. Choose by how it feels on you rather than your body shape.
Size S fits women's and men's clothing just right, while size M is looser and more comfortable for men, but also suitable for genderless women regardless of outerwear.
The L size is an elegant big silhouette with an oversized body like XL to XXL, but the sleeve width and overall balance is controlled.

[Profile of Junji Ito]
Born July 31, 1963 in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.
After graduating from high school, he entered a dental technician school and got a job, but when the "Monthly Halloween" (Asahi Sonorama) newcomer manga award "Umezu Award" was established, he submitted his work with the sole intention of having Kazuo Umezu read it.
In 1986, she received an honorable mention for her submission, "Tomie. This is his debut work.
In 1998, he started serializing "Uzumaki" in "Big Comic Spirits" (Shogakukan). Since then, he has continued to publish unique works such as "Hanging Balloon", "Soichi" series, and "Dead Man's Love Wandering".
In 2019, the English version of "Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection Vol. 10 Frankenstein" won the "Best Adaptation from Another Medium" of the US Eisner Awards. In 2021, he won the "Best Asian Work Award" for "Hellstar Remina" and the "Best Writer / Artist Category" for the same work and "Junji Ito Short Editing BEST OF BEST" at the US Eisner Awards. Became the first Japanese artist to win the "Best Writer / Artist Category".

[Introduction of "Tomie" contents]
Tomie, with her exquisite beauty, leads men into mad love with her magical nature.
The men who fall in love with Tomie begin to have an abnormal desire to kill her in order to monopolize her.
However, Tomie was a beautiful and terrifying woman who came back to life after being killed and killed again.
Furthermore, each time Tomie is killed, the number of Tomie's victims multiplies. Tomie hates the other Tomie and demands that the men "kill Tomie.
What is the destination of the men who are fascinated by her beauty and seek her love?
This is his debut and masterpiece, and the series has been filmed a total of nine times in Japan.

© JAI / Asahi Shimbun Publishing

Lady's model: 173cm
Size image image
Women's model: 172 cm

100% Cotton

Made in Japan

Size details

According to SIZEGUIDE, it is measured by a unique measuring method. Please use the size info to find the right size of the goods that match your measurement..

■ Notes

・ All clothing is placed flat on a flat table for measurement.
・ Some errors may occur depending on the goods. Please note.

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